Trends in Cell-Based Assays

Assays using cells, the most basic unit of life, are used extensively in both fundamental biological research and in applied fields, such as drug discovery. Over the last several decades, in-vitro cell culture techniques have developed to the point where thousands of cell lines can be cultured indefinitely for use in these assays. Yet there are limitations to the use of immortalized cell lines and there is a overwhelming trend to improving the physiological responses of cell-based assays such that they more closely resemble what would occur in the organism of biological interest.

This application guide examines the latest trends in cell-based assays which generally attempt to improve this physiological response. This includes the use of primary and stem cells, endogenous expression levels of the biomolecule(s) of interest, live cell and phenotypic assays and the use of 3D cell culture methods. The guide also demonstrates how the use of CCD-based imaging combined with PMT-based microplate detection found in the Cytation 3 Cell imaging Multi-Mode Reader facilitates and enables these trends.

Time course study of the generation of hypoxic conditions in a liver microtissue spheroid imaged using a 10x microscope objective.
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