MultiFlo FX Multi-Mode Dispenser with RAD technology
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  • Overview
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Why MultiFlo FX?

MultiFlo™ FX is an automated multi-mode reagent dispenser for 6- to 1536-well microplates, offering BioTek’s unique Parallel Dispense™ technology. Up to four independent reagents are dispensed in parallel without potential carryover. The choice of peristaltic or syringe pumps allows reagent conservation and unattended operation down to 500 nL with low maintenance and low consumable costs. MultiFlo FX becomes a versatile multi-mode dispenser with the addition of either the RAD™ technology for random access dispensing to 6- to 384-well plates and rapid high volume dispensing into low density microplates, or the wash module for 6- to 384-well plate washing. A MultiFlo FX configured with either RAD™ technology or the wash module replaces up to five liquid handlers, saving space, time and instrumentation budgets. Dispense operations are optimized for sensitive cell based assays: angled dispense tips and flexible flow rates keep cells intact, and walk away automation is available with BioStack 4 for handling lidded or non-lidded plates. Extensive on-board software is accessed from the large color touch screen for fast, easy programming and operation, and integrated USB ports are available for convenient file transfer and storage.

Save BIG on reagent costs with New RAD technology!

In this example, a savings of 34% per plate was acquired.

Cost Savings


  • Multi-mode dispensing replaces up to four dispensers and a washer
  • RAD™ technology for dispensing to individual wells
  • Parallel Dispense™ technology: peristaltic or syringe dispensing with no carryover
  • Cost savings through dispense mode options and low prime volumes
  • Cell friendly angled dispense and wash tubes, adjustable flow rates

Typical Applications

  • Primary and secondary screening assays
  • Compound storage
  • Genomics and proteomics research
  • Cell based washing, fixing and staining

Why MultiFlo FX?

This chart compares key features of BioTek’s MultiFlo™ FX with RAD™ technology to the Multidrop™ Combi and Multidrop Combi SMART from Thermo Scientific™.
* Multidrop features and specifications are from as of 3/25/14
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